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Rules for Eurocup

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Poul Andersen
Written by Poul Andersen Thu August 29th at 2:35 pm

Rules and Reglement for Eurocup. (short 2013 version)

Please note: this is the shortened version for quick use.
Complete Versiona available at the T.C.

The rider should have an international racing licence.
Some of our meetings can be ridden without. (daylicence available)
The rider should pay the membership fee (45 euro in 2013) to the SC50RR.
The first year for a new rider is a testyear. 
If the SC50RR committee gets complaints about the new rider he will be suspended.
Eurocup are "gentleman-races" we want to keep the spirit of friendship alive above everything else.

The basic rule is that all GP bikes that represent the era up to 1983 are allowed to race.
The racebike should be original ,an accurate replica ,or a selfbuilt bike using the shapes ,techniques and materials of the era. (selfbuilt will have a basic engine from before 1983 which has also been raced by others)
Original 50cc racebikes in GP style built after 1983 are also allowed to compete. (former GDR ,etc)

Wheels: can be spoked or casted. 18 inch max 1.4 front ,1.6 rear. (19 inch for 1962-69 bikes allowed)
Tyres: 2.00-18 front and 2.25-18 rear
Frontfork: max 30mm diameter ,classic model. No UpsD.
Shock absorbers: Classic looking. Twinshocks ,one legged monoshock or cantilever monoshock. No leverage allowed.
Gas cilinder type shocks only on 1977 and younger.
Drum brakes all types. 
Disc brakes: No "wave" type ,classic appearance. max 200mm double ,260mm single disc.
Brake caliper: Classic triangular model (Brembo,Grimeca,etc)  Max piston diam 32mm.
Mechanical disc brake or rim brake allowed.
Frame: Steel tube or aluminium Monocoque type. No twinspar type.
Non classic colourschemes ,stickers and bare carbonfibre parts are not allowed.
Modern cilinder barrels must be hidden from view with a classic dummycover.  
Carburettor: Make/type from before 1983. Lectrons allowed on 1977 and younger.
Engine: Make/type before 1983 ,originally sold as 50cc ,and must have some motorsport pedigree.
Inlet: Piston ported or rotary inlet valve.
Powervalve: not allowed.
Powershift: not allowed.
Sensor related automatic ignition adjustment: not allowed.
Engine capacity: max.50,00ccm. 

All new bikes will be judged by the technical committee before they are allowed to race.
The above points will be judged ,but also the general apearance.
In some cases proof on paper or picture will be asked from the builder.
When you want to build a new bike for the Eurocup it is wise to contact the SC50RR first and discuss the idea.

Bikes that were homologated by SC50RR in the past ,will stay so even if future regulations contradict.
Homologation will pass when the ownership changes. 

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